ProtopIdea FAQ

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about Protopidea. Please do be patient with us as some of the features mentioned on this document could very much be still in development.

● What is Protopidea? And what do I do here?
● Who is it for?
● Why we created Protopidea?
● How is it different from other Ideation and Collaborative Platforms?
● How old is Protopidea and how do you pronounce the name?
● Who are the people behind Protopidea?
● How do we make money?
● What are the benefits of using Protopidea?
● Is it available on my device?

Protopidea Basics
● How do I submit ideas?
● How will I share my idea?
● Who can collaborate with me?
● Inviting friends and people you wish to collaborate with
● How do I start a collaborative project?
● Can I hide my ideas?
● How do I know that my collaborators won’t run away with my ideas and works?
● Do you offer legal IP protection?
● Will you steal my ideas?

● What else might I want to know?


General Questions
Q: What is Protopidea? What do I do here?
Protopidea is a marketplace for new ideas, concepts and prototypes. This simple and basic platform allows both businesses and users to come closer to one another. Different people wish to connect to companies for different reasons, similarly for companies that wish to do the same with communities they serve or don’t.
Protopidea also allows for companies to interconnect their employee’s internally to stimulate internal entrepreneurs (aka: Entrepreneurs)

Q: Who is Protopidea for?
Everyone that wishes to be a part of an innovative product or service. Does not matter if you are a company, an individual, a software developer, a carpenter, a house person or just a simply human.
Q: Why we created Protopidea?
To solve the common problem statement of: “Where would you go today, if you had a great idea come to mind this very second? “
Q: How is Protopidea different from other similar platforms?
We believe in everyone. That anyone has the capability to be part of an innovative product or service even if many do not believe in you, we do.
We believe that all employees in the right environment have the potential to be entrepreneurs. Directly and indirectly contributing towards the company’s product innovation and internal innovative processes.
It’s FREE for life for any standard user.
All profits from the sale of prototypes are passed back to the user.
Q: How old is Protopidea and who do I pronounce your name?
Protopidea is scheduled to be born this summer 2017, with the BETA version this spring. The core team was founded end 2016. We pronounce it like “Proto-P-dea”, but you can pronounce it any way you want too.

Q: Who are the people behind Protopidea?
Protopidea is supported by a team of dedicated entrepreneurs with the same beliefs.
Protopidea’s HQ is in EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland.
Q: How will we make money in the future?
We rely mostly on our corporate sponsors and partners that shares similar beliefs and vision as we do.
We will also introduce an administrative charge that would be a small percentage of any sales that we make with businesses and investors after we promote, market and sell your prototypes.
There is also significant interest from companies to use the platform internally within their organization, this will then fall under a Saas service model.

Q: What are the benefits of using Protopidea?
Community Users
Users can directly promote their motivations and skills on a platform that is connected to future innovative products and services.
We found that speaking to our potential users, many have expressed that this will very much complement and fill in missing gaps that are not offered by Facebook and LinkedIn today..
Connect to the right skills to build your ideas into prototypes in a safe collaborative environment.
Make money by selling or licensing your new ideas and concepts to companies.
Businesses and Corporations
Corporations looking for new ideas and concepts have a one stop shop.
HR managers looking for their next hire.
Investors looking for new startups.

Protopidea Basics
Q: How can I submit my idea or prototype?
Submitting an idea of a completed prototype takes less than a minute once you are a registered user. Watch out for the release of our informative APP video, out soon.
Q: How will I share my idea?
Sharing your ideas is just as easy as the sharing you do today on social media. Share it to whom you want or don’t and keep it a secret.

Q: How do I invite my friends?
Again like most common social media platforms, inviting someone you know or don’t know is as easy as 1-2-3.
Q: How do I start a collaborative project?
In 3 easy steps. Find the person you wish to collaborate with. Send the person an invitation and once the person accepts your invitation your collaboration has officially started.
Q: Can I hide my ideas?
Of course you can. We know some folks value their ideas more than gold bars, just like we do. Although we do encourage that keeping it too long a secret might not be the best option in trying to bring something to life. Bear in mind the world has over 7B people and we know for a fact that we are very likely not alone having thought of “that” new idea.
Q: Will my collaborators run away with my ideas and works??
We believe most will not but we cannot be too sure. That is why Protopidea protects each and every collaborators work separately once the innovative project is completed. No one in the team has the complete picture. Although we do encourage an open and honest collaborative atmosphere amongst team members but we do also advice to share only what is required to complete the project and not more, “just in case”.
Q: Do you offer legal IP protection?
No we do not and although we know legally it make sense to do so but we are not a great-great fan of patent filings. Bear in mind that less than 3% of patents actually make money. Protopidea offers a process protection instead and we are constantly working in making this better.
Q: Will you steal my ideas? Or spam my inbox? Or sell my ideas & prototypes without giving me my share of the profits?

Q: Which devices can I use?
Protopidea will be made available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. And of course on your favorite Web browser..
You can also log in to Protopidea from as many of your devices as you like — all at the same time.
Protopidea Support
If you have any other questions, please contact Protopidea Support at
We will do our best to reply to you as fast as our team can manage it. We are expected to receive over 100 enquiries a day.
Yes. Follow us! @Protopidea

Yes. Follow us! @Protopidea

Yep. Follow us! @Protopidea

Yep. Follow us! @Protopidea

More about Protopidea
Q: What else?
Who is Xobaedi? This was the original name of the company taken by reversing the word IDEABOX. We change the name to Protopidea to find a balance being cool and unique to being easier to be remembered.
Unlike many platforms out there that promote open innovation, start-ups, co-founding, incubators,, accelerators, ideation, challenges and many more, Protopidea believes in the innovative DNA and passions of the global communities regardless of who you are, where you are, what skills you have or don’t have and above all even if everyone thinks your ideas are just a waste of time we never do.
Thanks to the rapid growth of internet speeds especially over mobile we can now connect faster to anyone anywhere hence the notion of bringing new ideas and concepts to life with the right skills sets and engagement with the right people and companies anywhere in the world may not seem as impossible and extremely difficult as it once was.
We believe that what we do will help pave the way for quicker turnaround times for new concepts, services and products launches. And launched with a higher user satisfaction index and better quality and finish.
● Communities and Businesses connected to innovation in developing new products and services and also making existing products better.
● Everyone who wants to bring their ideas to life, promote and sell their prototypes.
● People and buyers that want a new product or feature to be made available.
● Companies interested in connecting with their users, customers, promoters and even detractors.
● Communities that are just interested in new ideas and innovations coming from their communities or worldwide.
As a result, Protopidea will market, promote and sell your ideas and prototypes to relevant businesses.
As a standard registered user with Protopidea, you can share messages, photos, videos and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc.), as well as create groups to collaborate with others globally or locally on projects or just to promote your own ideas and prototypes for others to comment and ask for likes. Similar as a standard use, as a corporate user, Protopidea add further to connect your business with ideators, developers, promoters and communities that have significant interest in your products offerings.
This collaboration APP with a focus on marketing and promotions of ideas and prototypes. It’s simple to use, secure and free. You can use Protopidea on all your devices seamlessly across your smartphones, tablets or computers.
Our plan is to open some of the source codes to the community, paving the way to further improvements and better user experience of the platform.